Jeroen and Célia to Ethiopia and no Twitter of Facebook from China

Journalist Jeroen Kuiper and photographer Célia Pernot just left for Ethiopia where they will be chasing stories surrounding the waters of the Nile and the lack of water in the south of the country that is suffering from famine like neighboring Somalia.

Laos ignores neighbors and pushes forward with Xayaburi Dam

Government Unilaterally Claims Regional Consultation Process Complete

Laos appears to have defied its neighbors in a move to resume preparations for the proposed Xayaburi Dam on the Mekong Mainstream, despite concerns raised by neighboring governments and regional civil society groups.

The hunt for a small Airplane, Part 2.

‘Go to the airport’, had the travel agent told us. But before going on a wild goose chase that would not get us a decent price I first spent a few more hours researching the internet. Even a close study of the airport in Google Earth didn’t reveal the presence of any small airplanes.

Trying to rent a plane in Vietnam

‘Air walks on a plane in Tan Son Nhat International (Saigon)’, is what I found on the internet. ‘It is a rental aircraft. For a small fee you can rent a plane for air walks.’ Great news I thought, we can focus on aerial photos in the Mekong Delta after we decided to postpone a flight in Cambodia due to bad weather. (Every day around 4pm clouds rolled in over Tonle Sap Lake, spoiling the beautiful light you need for aerial photos.)

Disputed Waters on the road.

A lot is happening with Disputed Waters. Ronald and André (a new contributor, check out his bio) arrived in Cambodia to spend five days with fishermen that are suffering from declining fish levels. Célia, another new contributor, has left for Israel to cover the problems surrounding the Jordan River. Her posts will soon appear here as well.