Irrigation The Lifeline of Egypt

The Egyptian Nile delta is one of the most fertile areas in the world. Therefore it is no wonder that this region has been used for intensive farming for decades. Although the Nile delivers a constant flow of fresh water, farmers will have to improve the rate of efficiency of their irrigation.

Working the land

Millions and millions of small farmers establish the backbone of Egypt`s farming sector. Only a few dozen of large agricultural companies produce on a professional level that is comparable to European standards. According to some people, the future of Egypt`s agriculture lies in the desert. Others disagree. All agree, though, on one aspect: water for agriculture is scarce. And it is getting scarcer.

Egypt’s Own Water War

20 million then, 80 million nowadays, 150 million in the near future. Egypt’s population is exploding. All these people have to share the same amount of water, that mainly comes from Egypt’s lifeline the Nile. According to a recent study, Egypt’s demand for water will exceed the supply in 2017. How to avoid such a situation? Will there be enough water for all?

The price of revolution, police officers protest for salary rise

Back in Cairo! In order to get a press accreditation for a field visit with the Ministry of Water in the next days, we went to the Ministry of Information this evening, located in the same building as the (former?) Egyptian state television. The building straddles the east bank of the Nile, next to the burnt-out former party centre of Mubarak`s NDP in central Cairo.