The Rhine

The Rhine River is one of Europe’s most important rivers. It is a major transportation artery for goods that enter the harbor of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. It comes to no surprise then, that the Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine was the first European organization that, already during the rule of Napoleon, regulated the international management of the Rhine. This was the first European economic cooperation that culminated in the birth of the European Union.

The Rhine is internationally seen as an example of how a river should me managed and this is also the way we approach the river. We focus on its problems throughout the last century and how these were, and are being, solved on the negotiation table.

Johannes and Olivier have already made several trips along the Rhine. Soon we will start posting some of the work on the site. But they still have a few trips to make this year to complete the work.

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As you may have seen on the home page, we have small gauges under each river. They indicate what percentage of the costs for that specific river has been funded so far. When we have enough it means we’ll be able to go to the river. Since we want to do several trips usually (because most rivers are pretty long and cross, sometimes difficult, countries) it means that with 30% or 40% funding we may already go a first time.

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