Lake Victoria, fish till you drop

Lake Victoria is abundant with fish. But the invasive Nile Perch, which is good for trade is a danger to the native species in the lake. For most fishermen, life is still very hard and their productions is just enough for subsistence.

Published by Ronald de Hommel

Ronald de Hommel is a Dutch freelance photojournalist based in Paris, France. He specialises in global social subjects relating to environment, development aid and conflict. He is one of the initiators of Disputed Waters. He works for a wide variety of Dutch and international publications and NGO’s. His work is represented by ANP Photo (Netherlands), Babel-Photo (France, Lightmediation (France) and Nazca Pictures (Italy). Website:

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  1. When I visited Kenya few years ago, I saw the damage of the Water hyacinth in lake Victoria. I believe that there are technologies to harvest the plants and use them for animal feed or compost, or generation of energy, in small or large scale. Is there any organization that can fund such an opwearion?

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