Jeroen and Célia to Ethiopia and no Twitter of Facebook from China

Journalist Jeroen Kuiper and photographer Célia Pernot just left for Ethiopia where they will be chasing stories surrounding the waters of the Nile and the lack of water in the south of the country that is suffering from famine like neighboring Somalia.

Netherlands and Germany in danger of nuclear pollution in case of problems with France’s oldest nuclear plant

The most senior and most controversial of French nuclear reactors the Fessenheim 1, in operation since 1977, is in the next few days expected to receive permission to continue operation for another 10 years by the Nuclear Safety Authority of France (ASN), According to an article in the French Daily, Le Figaro. The outdated reactor is located in the Alsace region along the River Rhine. “In the event of a serious accident with even only a partial nuclear fusion its too thin concrete floor could be pierced and the Rhine would be contaminated, all the way to Rotterdam.”

Laos ignores neighbors and pushes forward with Xayaburi Dam

Government Unilaterally Claims Regional Consultation Process Complete

Laos appears to have defied its neighbors in a move to resume preparations for the proposed Xayaburi Dam on the Mekong Mainstream, despite concerns raised by neighboring governments and regional civil society groups.

Disputed Waters Photo series online in Germany

On the website of the German weekly magazine ‘Der Freitag’ you can see our Disputed Waters story and a series of photos in a web gallery. The story is actually a collection of 5 short stories about the Colorado in general and 4 portraits of people who deal with Colorado water, and the effects of […]