In Cambodia and Vietnam there’s less and less fish in the Mekong River. In Kunming in China they put them in key chain hangers.

After spending so much time in rural Cambodia with fishermen, for whom fish is their life and livelihood, it’s strange to be in Kunming in Yunnan Province in China where development is massive and it counts more that you have the latest iPad or Audi.

Many people along the Mekong River in the southern countries point an angry finger at the dam building Chinese as the reason for all their problems with too much or too little water. I’m here to visit one of the dams in the upper reaches of the river, that is called Lancang Jiang here, and to see where all that energy goes to. In the next blogs a little more info on that, for now just this image that I shot yesterday when I walked through the main park in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan. I saw these kids looking at little goldfish and baby turtles in keychain hangers. In the end they bought a turtle.

What will they do with it? Not eat it I guess.

Published by Ronald de Hommel

Ronald de Hommel is a Dutch freelance photojournalist based in Paris, France. He specialises in global social subjects relating to environment, development aid and conflict. He is one of the initiators of Disputed Waters. He works for a wide variety of Dutch and international publications and NGO’s. His work is represented by ANP Photo (Netherlands), Babel-Photo (France, Lightmediation (France) and Nazca Pictures (Italy). Website:

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