Speeding Ahead

Major cities in Asia are growing at top speed. The members of the new middle class are massively buying scooters. Their first step towards the holy cow of civilization: the car. Trafic during rush hour in Saigon is still moving at a pleasant speed. This will be over when all these drivers can afford a car.

The Deadliest Catch

The fishermen of Si Phan Don in the south of Laos risk their lives on a daily basis to catch just enough fish for their own consumption. Fragile fish traps ingeniously mounted in the rushing waters of the Khone Falls catch Mekong Catfish swimming upstream to their spawning grounds. Ten planned dams in the Mekong […]

Life on the Lake

e floating villages of Tonle Sap Lake in Central Cambodia are home to some of the poorest communities of the country. The fishermen and women have lived their lives on the surface of the lake for generations. Climate change, development and over fishing are endangering their lifestyle. But they have nowhere else to go with no other skills than fishing and no land to farm.