Flooding is Good

Regular flooding in the Mekong basin is essential for the rural and fisheries communities that supply a large part of the region with food. Development in the shape of dam construction severely endangers this age old lifestyle.

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The Deadliest Catch

The fishermen of Si Phan Don in the south of Laos risk their lives on a daily basis to catch just enough fish for their own consumption. Fragile fish traps ingeniously mounted in the rushing waters of the Khone Falls catch Mekong Catfish swimming upstream to their spawning grounds. Ten planned dams in the Mekong River may destroy the livelihood of these men.

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Deadliest Catch: the Khone Falls

Fishermen risk their lives every day, just to catch a meal of fish, in the raging Khone Falls of southern Laos.

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Getting to the Ukrainian Danube Delta

Ismail – It`s very close, but still a long long way from Romania (EU!) to Ukraine (NOT EU!!!). Three days ago Johannes and I took an adventurous trip from Galati on the Romanian Danube to Ismail, a dreary port town on the Ukrainian part of the Danube, where the economy seems to have come to a standstill. In order to get to Ukraine, one has to walk (!!!) through another country: Moldova, for one and a half kilometres. Then you get to Reni, a dusty Ukrainian town, from where it is still 70 kilometres to Ismail, hometown of the driver of this beautiful Lada. So, here comes the question of the day: who is older, the driver or the Lada?

Photo’s by Johannes Abeling

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The river Rhine from above


Last friday I flew above the Rhine in Germany in an ultra light airplane.
Because I had to photograph through a tiny hole in the window, it was not that easy. But it was a lot cheaper than renting a helicopter.
From the air you can see the old Rhine meandering around the canalized Rhine.
This canalized Rhine is good for transportation, but can cause heavier floodings downstream.

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“My grandmother, once jumped naked into the Jordan on a dare. Now you would break your neck”

“My grandmother, one cold winter, jumped naked into the Jordan River on a dare. Today she would have broken her neck in the shallow water”

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“Toshka is an engineers’ dream and an economists’ nightmare”

“Toshka is an engineers’ dream and an economists’ nightmare”

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“Water is regarded by the Egyptians as a gift from God. You can’t put a price tag on that”

“Water is regarded by the Egyptians as a gift from God. You can’t put a price tag on that.”

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Nile River, Ethiopia, August 2011

Hunger in the Tropics – The Fertile Desert

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The Precious Resource

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