Farming with Colorado water

Irrigated farmland is the biggest consumer of Colorado River water. Throughout the Southwest millions of acres are watered to produce water thirsty crops like lettuce, cotton and alfalfa. The dry and warm climate makes several harvests a year possible. So there’s always a big conflict between the opposition that says you shouldn’t grow lettuce in the desert and the farmers that emphasize their productivity.

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Flooding is Good

Regular flooding in the Mekong basin is essential for the rural and fisheries communities that supply a large part of the region with food. Development in the shape of dam construction severely endangers this age old lifestyle.

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“Toshka is an engineers’ dream and an economists’ nightmare”

“Toshka is an engineers’ dream and an economists’ nightmare”

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Nile River, Ethiopia, August 2011

Hunger in the Tropics – The Fertile Desert

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“The irrigation in the Nile delta functions in an anarchistic, uncontrolled way”

“Most of the irrigation in the Nile delta functions in an anarchistic, uncontrolled way”

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Irrigation The Lifeline of Egypt

The Egyptian Nile delta is one of the most fertile areas in the world. Therefore it is no wonder that this region has been used for intensive farming for decades. Although the Nile delivers a constant flow of fresh water, farmers will have to improve the rate of efficiency of their irrigation.

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Egypt’s Own Water War

20 million then, 80 million nowadays, 150 million in the near future. Egypt’s population is exploding. All these people have to share the same amount of water, that mainly comes from Egypt’s lifeline the Nile. According to a recent study, Egypt’s demand for water will exceed the supply in 2017. How to avoid such a situation? Will there be enough water for all?

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Time until 2017?

Just a few more years, according to a recent Egyptian report, and then, in 2017, the demand for water will exceed the supply in Egypt. How to avoid such a situation?

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North Platte River in Colorado

First day in Denver

I made it to Denver yesterday. Jeroen, the writer, didn’t. His flight was cancelled so he’ll arrive two days later. I spent most of the day arranging stuff like getting the car, a phone and maps. In the afternoon I drove to Wiggins 1hr and 15 mins north east of Denver. I saw the area from the plane when I arrived. From the sky it looked spectacular!

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