Robert Redford and Will Ferrell Ludicrously Debate How to Help the Colorado River Delta Fun way to tackle a dry subject

Robert Redford and Will Ferrell use some new tactics to get attention to the dried up Colorado delta. the goal of the video is to attract attention to Redfords organization to bring the Colorado delta back to life. On their website they write: “If we can add a relatively small amount of water to the Colorado — less […]

Colorado Webdocumentary at le Monde website

This weekend a webdocumentary with our photos and videos was published at The website of the famous French newspaper. The saturday magazine ran an 8 page photo-essay. Last week we had a photo-essay of the Mekong. Next week the Nile will close the series.

Disputed Waters Photo series online in Germany

On the website of the German weekly magazine ‘Der Freitag’ you can see our Disputed Waters story and a series of photos in a web gallery. The story is actually a collection of 5 short stories about the Colorado in general and 4 portraits of people who deal with Colorado water, and the effects of […]