Egypt’s biggest dairy farm

‘In the beginning, we slept in tents, because there was nothing here, just desert´, tells Dr. Mohamed Waeed, manager of the livestock division of DINA farm, along the Desert Road between Cairo and Alexandria. Desert really means desert here: we’re talking about real, yellow sand. And when Dr. Waeed talks about the beginning, he talks about 1987. It’s almost unbelievable how fast this part of Egypt has developed since then. Residential areas, farm land and an eight-lane highway now occupy the desert northwest of Cairo.

Don Juan, The Lord of the Delta

Meet Juan Patiño Suárez, sitting in his big chair in his garden, with his little dog. Don Juan, as we nicknamed him, is 74 years old and at the age of twelve, he came to Colonia Miguel Alemán, an agricultural community near San Luis Río Colorado in the northwest of Mexico. Most of his life, he worked on the land. ‘Back in the days, there was no bridge over the Colorado River’, he tells us. ‘We had to take little boats to get to the other bank.’

The end of the Colorado

This is where The Colorado River ends. The Morelos Dam, on the border between Arizona and Mexico diverts all of the 1,5 million acre feet of river water that Mexico receives annually, into an irrigation canal to feed agriculture, industry and cities like Mexicali, Tecate and Tijuana. The little pool of water that seeps through the dam, disappears into the ground, not far after the dam. The rest of he riverbed, until its mouth in the Sea of Cortez, has turned to dust.

The ideal spring break location

Lake Havasu City – The further south we get, the weirder the Colorado River and its accompanying lakes seem to get. Take Lake Havasu City. According to the city’s very knowledgeable water manager Doyle Wilson, this is `the hottest city in the western hemisphere (128 degrees Fahrenheit in 1994, or 53 degrees Celsius!).

Weird, weirder, weirdest

Weird, weirder, weirdest – the Salton Sea in the south of California, just two hours from Los Angeles, is a place incomparable to anywhere else in the world. Located at an altitude of 40 meters below sea level, in August this place lies in the sweltering, humid heat and is waiting for the first monsoon rains, as even the Californians call it.