The hunt for a small Airplane, Part 2.

‘Go to the airport’, had the travel agent told us. But before going on a wild goose chase that would not get us a decent price I first spent a few more hours researching the internet. Even a close study of the airport in Google Earth didn’t reveal the presence of any small airplanes.

Trying to rent a plane in Vietnam

‘Air walks on a plane in Tan Son Nhat International (Saigon)’, is what I found on the internet. ‘It is a rental aircraft. For a small fee you can rent a plane for air walks.’ Great news I thought, we can focus on aerial photos in the Mekong Delta after we decided to postpone a flight in Cambodia due to bad weather. (Every day around 4pm clouds rolled in over Tonle Sap Lake, spoiling the beautiful light you need for aerial photos.)


Angkor Wat, the famous temple and Cambodia’s number one tourist attraction could never have been built without the water of the Mekong River. The different civilizations that ruled Angkor and the Southeast Asian region throughout hundreds of years depended heavily on fishing and the irrigation of rice fields through ponds that annually filled up when the Mekong water level rose in the monsoon season.

Disputed Waters on the road.

A lot is happening with Disputed Waters. Ronald and André (a new contributor, check out his bio) arrived in Cambodia to spend five days with fishermen that are suffering from declining fish levels. Célia, another new contributor, has left for Israel to cover the problems surrounding the Jordan River. Her posts will soon appear here as well.

The price of revolution, police officers protest for salary rise

Back in Cairo! In order to get a press accreditation for a field visit with the Ministry of Water in the next days, we went to the Ministry of Information this evening, located in the same building as the (former?) Egyptian state television. The building straddles the east bank of the Nile, next to the burnt-out former party centre of Mubarak`s NDP in central Cairo.