About the makers


Disputed Waters is entirely made by freelance photographers and journalists. Until recently there were just four of us. But recently several new contributors have joined us.

Ronald de Hommel is a Dutch freelance photojournalist based in Medellín, Colombia. He specializes in global social issues relating to the environment, developing countries and conflict. He is one of the initiators of Disputed Waters. He works for a wide variety of Dutch and international publications and NGO’s. He has won several Dutch and international photojournalism awards in recent years.
Website: www.ronalddehommel.com
Contact Ronald at: Ronald@disputedwaters.com

Johannes Abeling is a Dutch freelance photographer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
In 2000 he started as a photojournalist. He now works as an allround photographer for a wide variety of magazines, newspapers, companies and organizations. Apart from his daily work he works on self initiated projects, like Disputed Waters, which he and colleague photographer (and good friend) Ronald de Hommel started in 2009.
Several of his photo series won prizes at the ‘Zilveren Camera’ photojournalism awards.
Website: www.abeling.nl
Contact Johannes at: Johannes@disputedwaters.com

Jeroen Kuiper is a Dutch freelance journalist for ‘de Groene Amsterdammer’, ‘de Nieuwe Revue’. He is also German correspondent for newspaper ‘De Pers’. He is based in Berlin, Germany but also has a special focus on Latin America. He lived 2 years in Caracas, Venezuela and two years in Medellín, Colombia.
He published his first book: ‘Het andere Duitsland‘ (The Other Germany) in 2009. Currently he’s working on a second book.
Website: www.jeroenkuiper.net
Contact Jeroen at: Jeroen@disputedwaters.com

Célia Pernot is a freelance photojournalist based in Paris, France. She studied documentary photography at the California College of Art with Jim Goldberg of Magnum. Celia does assignments for international media like San Francisco Chronicle, Le Monde, Marianne, L’Express and she pursues personal projects on environmental and agricultural issues. In 2007, her photo documentary on alternative agriculture in the Midwest was awarded by Kodak (Bourse du Talent Reportage). Celia joined Disputed Waters to document the water sharing problems between Israel, Jordan and Palestine.
Website: www.celiapernot.com
Contact Célia at: celia@disputedwaters.com

Olivier van Beemen has been a France correspondent based in Paris for the weekly magazine ‘Elsevier’ and Het Financiëele Dagblad (the Dutch Financial Daily). Currently he is writing a book about business in Africa. He also works as a freelance journalist for Dutch and Belgian media. He published his first book: ‘In Parijs’ (In Paris) in 2009.
Contact Olivier at: Olivier@disputedwaters.com

André van der Stouwe is  a multi media journalist, who works for Dutch media foundation lokaalmondiaal. Working for this organization for 6 years, he has traveled all around the world, making stories on a great variety of subjects such as climate, human rights and African football.
Website: http://andrevanderstouwe.nl/
Contact André at: andre@disputedwaters.com

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