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Nai010 publishers, Rotterdam will be publishing a book based on this project in early 2015. To find out how your organization or company can become a sponsor of the publication send an email to info@nai010.com.

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The project is an initiative of a group of independent reporters and photographers with a preference for slow journalism. We’re using crowdfunding for our assignments to produce these in-depth mutli-media reports. We’d be very grateful for your support, if you would like to help fund our work, visit our donate page where you will find suggestions on how to help Disputed Waters.

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  • Lake Victoria, fish till you drop March 18, 2014
    Lake Victoria is abundant with fish. But the invasive Nile Perch, which is good for trade is a danger to the native species in the lake. For most fishermen, life is still very hard and their productions is just enough … Continue reading
  • South Sudan, a new future based on age old traditions March 18, 2014
    South Sudan is the youngest country in the world. After a 30 year old civil war the country finally managed to secede from Sudan. Through internal strife and difficulties the country works hard to develop into a full fletched state.

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